Takes from ''The Real World: Las Vegas,'' ''Flavor of Love 2,'' and ''Big Brother'' make our list
Big Brother

A Shot at Love might push the limits of taste on television, but it’s certainly not the first reality show to go lowbrow. A look back at the most outrageous moments in the genre’s history.

The Real World: Las Vegas (2002)

The MTV reality staple hit a new low in exhibitionism when roomies Steven, Trishelle, and Brynn engaged in a three-way hot-tub hookup.

Joe Millionaire (2003)

Still mic’d-up reality lovebirds Evan Marriott and Sarah Kozer ditched cameras in the woods during a stroll. Improvising, producers added in naughty ”slurp”-filled subtitles.

Flavor of Love 2 (2006)

Contestant Somethin’ left somethin’ stinky for Flavor Flav and her competitors when she defecated on the stairs. Definitely not the smell of love.

Rock of Love 2 (2008)

Stripper Angelique rocked Bret Michaels’ world when she — in perhaps the least surprising reality moment ever — took it all off during a trip to burlesque club Forty Deuce.

Big Brother (2008)

A streaking James, a whipped-cream striptease, and a group make-out session in the pool made for the sleaziest night in Big Brother history. And that’s saying something.

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