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Feedback from our readers

One Hot Mama
Tina Fey + red + glamour photography = major vixen. Now that’s my kind of math.
Jim Sturgeon
San Francisco

The first time I saw her on Saturday Night Live, I remember thinking, ”Who is that Tina Fey?” When I got my latest EW, however, I said, ”Woo, is that Tina Fey?” (”The Accidental Movie Star”). She’s hilarious and smart — and the pictures speak for themselves.
Dave Updegraff
San Jose, Calif.

A woman as stunning and talented as Tina Fey shouldn’t be allowed to be married to just one man.
John Hardin
Los Angeles

Too often intelligent, funny women are forced to play down their femininity in order to be taken seriously. Thanks for proving that a comedian can be sexy, too!
Katie Faris
Louisville, Ky.

I love Tina Fey’s work, but there’s a thin line between ”hot” and ”overexposed.”
Adam Nation

Commanding Presence
Although I enjoyed your tribute to Charlton Heston (”An Epic Life”), I was disappointed he wasn’t on the cover. Every Easter I watch Ben-Hur, and Soylent Green and Planet of the Apes are uncompromised in their uniqueness.
Liz Fajardo
South San Francisco

Your Heston feature showed us the many dimensions of the Hollywood legend. Thank you for highlighting his historic career rather than just focusing on his ”from my cold, dead hands!” speech to the National Rifle Association.
Lanny F. McKay
Abbeville, S.C.

Dueling Divas
Mariah vs. Madonna (News & Notes)? Seriously? Madonna has changed the way the world looks at female musicians and sexuality, and she’s currently changing the way we look at age 50.
Scott Douglas
Los Angeles

Reefer Madness
Your article ”Going to Pot” asked the question ”How do you get stoners to leave the house?” Well, that’s easy: Offer a free small popcorn with the movie ticket.
Michele Holley
Sanford, Fla.

I was surprised ”Going to Pot” didn’t mention Gregg Araki’s Smiley Face. It’s a stoner flick whose main character is a slacker girl rather than slacker guys, making it truly revolutionary as well as totally sweet, man.
Melissa Balick
Norristown, Pa.

It was irresponsible of you to print this piece. Fans of stoner movies hail them as harmless entertainment, but I feel they’re gateway films to hard-drug movies like Less Than Zero, Blow, Trainspotting, and Rush. Next time just say no.
Greg MacDonald