In the past few months, I’ve personally witnessed everyone from Jay-Z to the Roots to Joanna Newsom interrupting their concerts to show Sen. Barack Obama some love — plus, of course, I’ve heard the billions of shout-outs that they and other musicians have offered him in interviews, songs, and videos. Now, just in time for the candidate’s coronation by the punditocracy this week, we’ve got another musical endorsement on our hands. This one’s from L.A. dreamer Ti$a, a.k.a. Taz Arnold of acclaimed left-of-center hip-hop collective Sa-Ra. And unlike many of the well-meaning tributes thrown Obama’s way, Ti$a’s “Vote Obama” is kinda fun regardless of your politics.

Not the song itself, necessarily. (It loops Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day” over, and over, and over, pushing that classic sample to the brink of annoyance. There aren’t much in the way of lyrics, either.) But check out that video (below)! It’s a pure candy-colored psychedelic treat, featuring featuring lots of celeb cameos. (Kanye West, Chris Brown, um, Travis Barker…) I haven’t seen such a weird and cool-looking piece of campaign propaganda since Mike Gravel’s last viral opus.

So help me brainstorm here. What cabinet position do you think Taz deserves in January based on this fine piece of work? Undersecretary of Trippy Parades? Day-Glo Funkmaster General, perchance? I think even John McCain could agree on one of those…