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Chi-town rapper/actor Common’s very cool upcoming album, Invincible Summer, has a much more synth-based sound than his last couple efforts — shiny circuitry in place of organic soul, you might say. (More on this in EW’s summer music preview coverage, in print later this month.) But don’t tell that to the character he’ll be playing on-screen in the new Terminator sequel. According to Variety, Com’s just been cast in T4 as a human “freedom fighter,” working closely with John Connor (Christian Bale) to take down those evil, murderous machines… so, probably not a guy who listens to a lot of mechanistic electro-rap.

But word! This almost makes up for that Ghostface/Iron Man snub. In all seriousness, this sounds great to me. I’m a fan of his music, of course, but I also thought he showed surprising sensitivity in his few American Gangster scenes last year, where he played one of Denzel Washington’s brothers. What do you say? Bale’s a pretty intense dude to share a screen with — think Common can hold his own alongside him?

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