By Amy Ryan
May 08, 2008 at 08:40 PM EDT

Last month, a leaked copy of an early draft of the screenplay for Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic made the rounds, sending moviegoers and political junkies alike into paroxysms of speculation about just how Stone would depict the still-sitting president on film. Now we have some answers. In this week’s EW cover story, we have an exclusive first look at the production of W, including interviews with stars Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks (pictured) and director/co-screenwriter Stone. In the article, the creators discuss the inevitable questions about the film’s accuracy and fairness, the reluctance of almost everyone in Hollywood (right or left) to get involved in the project, the still ongoing search for an actor to play Dick Cheney, and the film’s possible impact on the 2008 presidential election (the producers want Stone to rush the film into theaters by October — unlikely but not impossible).

Here’s your chance, PopWatchers, to weigh in. Read the story, then tell us: Do you think the movie will be good? Will it be fair? Is it too soon to make a movie about the still-in-office president, or is it important to have a biopic out while he’s still in power and on everyone’s mind? Will W have any real-world impact? Do Brolin and Banks look like good fits to play George and Laura Bush? And given the president’s current unpopularity, do you think many ticketbuyers will want to see W?