See five new pages of DC superheroes in action. Plus: artist sketches of evil Darkseid, and more

Roughly two decades after saving the world(s) in Crisis on Infinite Earth, and a couple of years after staving off an Infinite Crisis, DC’s go-to do-gooders — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and more — will round out the trilogy with Final Crisis. In the series (out monthly for seven issues beginning May 28), ol’ Justice League nemesis Libra returns to corral a rogues’ gallery of villains to upend all that is good and pure.

Perhaps you are a bit skeptical about yet another Big! Event! Comic! We would be too, were it not for the deployment of two secret weapons: the fertile mind of writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman) and the skilled hand of artist J.G. Jones (52), both of which could very well make this the event to trump all events. (Well, at least until the next one.) Don’t believe us? Take a gander at EW’s three-part First Look in anticipation of the book’s launch: five never-before-seen pages from Final Crisis‘ first issue (titled ”DOA: The God of War”); Morrison’s original scripts for these pages; and a peek at Jones’ ever-evolving design of the universe-ruling rapscallion Darkseid, who’s poised to make a thunderous impression on the series in the near future. —Nisha Gopalan