James Brolin has replaced James Caan in the political romantic comedy, as Kirstie Alley also comes aboard

(FROM THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) — James Brolin has gotten on board David O. Russell’s Nailed, while Kirstie Alley has also joined the cast of the political romantic comedy. Brolin replaces James Caan, who left the film three weeks ago largely due to a dispute with Russell over the way his politician character should choke on a cookie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (Russell, the highly regarded filmmaker behind movies like Three Kings and I Heart Huckabee’s, has become known for occasional dustups with his actors.) Cowritten by Kristin Gore, the movie revolves around a woman (Jessica Biel) who starts up a relationship with a congressman (Jake Gyllenhaal) after she’s shot in the head with a nail. Alley will play Biel’s aunt, a veterinarian who can’t remove the nail and is thus incapable of stopping her niece’s uncontrollable behavior. (The Hollywood Reporter)