Released on DVD today, P.S. I Love You (pictured), starring Hilary Swank and the ghost of Gerard Butler (Tonight, we karaoke in hell!), may be one of the worst romantic comedies in recent memory. It’s so bad, in fact, that it inspired us to create this gallery of some of our least favorite rom-coms ever. Compiling this list provoked some heated arguments among your usually amiable EW.commers — after all, one viewer’s gloppy, Cupid-forsaken mess is another viewer’s cheesy delight. Inevitably, a lot of really rotten romances failed to make the cut. (For instance, I wish we’d found room for the appalling Milk Money, in which a small-town moppet fixes up widowed papa Ed Harris with hooker-on-the-lam Melanie Griffith.) Click through the gallery, then come back and tell us which reprehensible romantic comedies you’d add to the list.

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