I’m not fully versed in Stephenie Meyer’s world of romantic-but-chaste teenage vampires, but the teaser for Twilight (opening Dec. 12), which debuted in theaters over the weekend and is streaming now at MySpace’s Trailer Park, looks pretty darn cool. Hardcore Edward-and-Bella-philes can geek out over at, which has a shot-by-shot analysis of the clip. For everyone else, let’s just say that Kristen Stewart looks like she’ll do fine as the strong-willed mortal Bella; Robert Pattinson seems properly courtly (and toothy) as her bloodsucking beloved Edward; and the action and FX look kinetic enough to dazzle even those who haven’t read Meyer’s bestsellers. Watch the teaser below, and see if you agree that it makes Twilight look like a movie you could sink your fangs into.

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