Simon Cowell did not mince words today when asked whether Paula Abdul should have apologized to Jason Castro this week for critiquing his second song before he’d even sung it. “I don’t think [an apology] is necessary, to be honest with you,” the American Idol judge told reporters while promoting America’s Got Talent at NBC’s summer season press day in Pasadena. “I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It was a live show. She made a mistake. He’s a grown-up. Look, it’s a high class problem. He’s singing in front of 25 million people. They’re all lucky to be on the show. You’ve got to put it in perspective. The year it becomes normal is the year I’ll probably leave. I genuinely like it when it’s a bit loopy.”

Cowell did not hide his feelings about the Idol songwriting competition, which last year yielded the oft-mocked “This Is My Now” for winner Jordin Sparks. “I have nothing to do with it — I’d like to bring in the best songwriters in the world,” said Cowell, who joked, “You can guarantee either the word ‘proud’ or ‘moment’ will be in the song. How about ‘I’m Proud to Be in this Moment Now’?” When asked if the final two will get to change up the arrangement to better suit their vocal styles, Cowell hinted at a glimmer of hope: “I won’t give it away, but there’s a slight change to last year which is going to be an improvement.”