PWers who read the print version may know already that we are big fans of bicontinental duo the Kills. In a recent review, I said of their latest album, Midnight Boom, “The dozen blues-rock dirges build hypnotically from the raw elements of stripped-down percussion, sludgy guitar riffs, and singing-through-a-dirty-gym-sock vocals… the pair’s push-me-pull-you chemistry is ridiculously sexy.”

So yeah, they’re superhot. But I was not aware said hotness could actually be translated into flames. I had just finished telling a friend how amazing I thought lead singer VV (a.k.a. American Allison Mosshart) and her bandmate Hotel (Brit Jamie Hince, also better known lately as Kate Moss’s Boyfriend) looked when she pointed up at the ceiling of the historic East Village venue Webster Hall and said, “Do you see fire?” There was definitely a smoky smell wafting down, which isn’t that uncommon at a rock show with lights and gear, but this smelled oddly… campfire-y. Cue to me pulling aside a security guard, as showgoers on the opposite balcony also began pointing at the ceiling. Within minutes, the show was shut down due to “technical difficulties,” and the FDNY was summoned to investigate. Alas, while I was busy texting my boyfriend my last will and testament, I missed perhaps the penultimate moment, but let me allow a commenter on to relay it: “The best part was after the fire. When the last fireman left the stage, he yelled, ‘Are you ready to ROCK!’ into the mic. You could tell from the look on his face, that he had achieved a childhood dream.”

The show did go on, and excellently, with tracks pulled largely from Boom (“U.R.A. Fever,” “Cheap and Cheerful”), as well as earlier gems like “The Good Ones” (whose video we’ve embedded below). Mosshart, once so shy she chainsmoked through entire sets, often in the dark, is now a whirling dervish of rock ‘n’ roll heat, some kind of cross between Patti Smith, Karen O, and, basically, a supermodel (Good Lord, the bone structure!). The band will be on tour all month long across the country; we can’t recommend enough that you go see them. Just don’t wear anything flammable, and remember, if worst comes to worst — stop, drop, and roll.

Hell to the No!
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