Last weekend, I met my parents in Atlantic City to see Dion. Not Celine Dion. But the singer of “A Teenager in Love,” “Runaround Sue,” “I Wonder Why,”Donna the Prima Donna” (which had my mother doing upper-body aerobics in her seat), and “The Wanderer” (during which my mother actually had the nerve to say, “Here, you can do this,” as she simplified her dance moves thinking I wasn’t following her lead because I couldn’t). Dion sounded great, and we had as much fun as we’d had seeing Paul Anka and Neil Sedaka in years past. (To be clear, that’s not sarcasm. I’ve seen Dion, Paul, and Neil. Willingly.)

I can’t be the only one who enjoys hearing the occasional oldie, so list a few of your favorites below. In addition to anything Elvis, anything Otis Redding, and anything on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, I’m a sucker for:
• Conway Twitty’s pop hit, “It’s Only Make Believe”
• The Fleetwoods’ “Come Softly to Me”
• Anything by Sam Cooke (I once wrote in EW that if heaven exists, “You Send Me” is playing there. I stand behind that statement.)
• Billy Ward and the Dominoes’ “Sixty Minute Man”
• Neil Sedaka’s “Oh! Carol” and “Calendar Girl,” the latter of which I embed below because you all need to witness Miss August.
• And since I may never have reason to bring it up again, I’d like to say that Mark Dinning’s “Teen Angel” still destroys me. I’m pretty sure it taught me about death. And that I was in grade school when I first saw him sing it, sitting on a stool in a spotlight, on one of my mother’s American Bandstand tapes.