Jonah Hill, ''The New Adventures of Old Christine,'' and Roger Waters made news the week of May 9, 2008

+ Superbad boy Jonah Hill is in early negotiations to costar opposite Shia LaBeouf in Transformers 2 for DreamWorks and Paramount. Hill will provide the comic relief as a sidekick to LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky. (A source tells EW that he’ll play Sam’s college roommate, but DreamWorks won’t confirm.) The sequel is set to begin shooting this summer.
+ Insiders are questioning whether Speed Racer — a PG-rated take on the cult ’60s cartoon from the Wachowski brothers — will face a few roadblocks at the box office. They point to early tracking numbers that predict an opening in the mid-$30 million range for Racer — which cost $120 million to make and is sandwiched between Iron Man and the Narnia sequel Prince Caspian on the summer release slate. Warner Bros.’ president of domestic distribution, Dan Fellman, won’t comment on box office projections, but he disputes that the film, which graced a recent EW cover, is suffering from low awareness: ”Family tracking is great, and we got a bump from 17- to 35-year-olds, probably fans of the TV show.” Still, those folks likely discovered Racer during its irony-laden mid-’90s renaissance on MTV. The Wachowski version, on the other hand, plays directly to kids with videogame-like F/X, simple dialogue, and lots of scenes with a pet monkey. No caped avengers or flying bullets here — just high-octane family fun. ”The Wachowskis have made a lot of R-rated movies,” says producer Joel Silver. ”They wanted to finally make a film for everybody.” The question now is whether everybody will show up. — Nicole Sperling with additional reporting by Carrie Bell

+ With few exceptions (think: JAG), established shows seldom thrive when they switch networks. But that doesn’t seem to concern ABC, which is all but certain to poach Scrubs from NBC, and may even swipe The New Adventures of Old Christine if CBS fails to renew the Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom. An ABC spokeswoman wouldn’t comment, but the new home for Scrubs makes sense: Disney owns both the show and ABC, so the company would benefit by making more episodes to sell in syndication. As for Christine, which averages 10.4 million viewers, it could be in play if CBS doesn’t launch a second night of comedies next fall. There’s only room for four sitcoms on Mondays — right now, CBS has five — and Rules of Engagement pulls a larger audience (10.7 million), while How I Met Your Mother, with a median age of 43, is the youngest show on CBS. — Lynette Rice

+ Ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters‘ gig at Coachella set off two aerial controversies. Though Waters’ camp was reportedly denied permission, a plane dropped Obama flyers that instead landed in nearby yards. Speaking of debris: An inflatable pig bearing a pro-Obama slogan floated off midshow, and a $10K reward was offered — not by Waters, who often sets pigs adrift at outdoor gigs, but fest organizers who wanted the souvenir. Susan Stoltz found half the swine in her driveway — ”pretty shredded, like pulled pork,” she tells EW. Maybe a Hillary supporter or oft-estranged Floyd guitarist David Gilmour brought it down with a rocket launcher? — Chris Willman

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