Well, apparently he’s spinning because he’s in a studio that’s been engineered to slowly rotate through 360 degrees, like one of those gimmicky revolving restaurants. But that really doesn’t even begin to answer the questions raised by the mesmerizing video that Mr. West posted on his consistently entertaining blog. I mean, is he trying to send us a cryptic hint about a top-secret musical project? (First we hear he’s recording at a freak-folk-friendly Sacramento studio, now this.) Gnarls Barkley’s “No Time Soon” plays throughout the clip as ‘Ye silently putters on his laptop. So maybe he’s working on some kind of remix for those dudes? Or he could just be showing off an absurdly over-the-top bit of luxury design, like all the other random prototypes he’s always posting. Perhaps Kanye had this room commissioned because he does his best work when slightly dizzy.

Or this could all be a subliminal ad for the MacBook he’s using. Or — wait! — is it some sort of elaborate Photoshop trick? I dunno, but that meaningful stare he gives the camera as the clip fades out is driving me crazy. What do you say?