Nicollette Sheridan, whose saucy Edie Britt has been largely MIA from Desperate Housewives lately, will continue to wreak her special brand of havoc on Wisteria Lane next season, despite rumors to the contrary (and despite the fact that she’s not scheduled to appear in the last two hours of this season). A source close to the production tells that the actress will make at least “several appearances” when the ABC drama returns in the fall.

When the storyline will be set is another question: As previously reported, exec producer Marc Cherry is considering going all One Tree Hill and transporting the ladies either five years forward or five years back in their lives to freshen things up. And Queer as Folk‘s Gale Harold will be guest starring at the end of this season to help smooth the transition, which all seems to add up to…yeah, we still have no idea how this all plays into the “shocking” twist that will “change the whole series,” as Cherry teased to EW in March.