I dunno about you, but I’m getting a little impatient for this spring’s weather to turn a little spring-ier. Luckily for me, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden commissioned this gorgeous time-lapse video (below) of their cherry trees blossoming over the past week. (Hat tip.) And just like that, my mental climate has gone from “air conditioned cubicle-y” to “pleasantly floral”! That’s more than enough to put this clip on my personal Must List — even if that so-called “original music” soundtrack is totally just a dude playing the riff from “Clocks” over and over again.

On that note, let’s hear it. Which current TV shows/movies/music/books/games/websites make your MustList this week? In the comments below, list up to three, and includeyour e-mail address so we can contact you if we decide to use yoursubmission in the magazine. Deadline is tomorrow, Thursday, May 1, at10 a.m. ET.