I have to agree with my friend Mandi Bierly. This was one of the best Bones ever, if only for Brennan’s priceless interactions with the baby, whose murdered mom was the primary victim this episode. Brennan’s initial desire to remain distanced and logical when it came to baby Andy were hilarious. From her declaration that “Elephants are not purple. This is wrong” to her notation that while bears often adorn children’s clothing, “in reality they would devour a small child.” Too funny. And a great balance to the sadness of the situation in the economically depressed Virginia town, where the victim’s embezzling boss killed her and an accountant who found him out.

Didn’t you know that as soon as Brennan connected with the baby as a fellow child whose mother is dead—not to mention that they both had felons for fathers—she would be all in? I would’ve loved to have seen Brennan at home with Andy at night, the better to understand how and why she started warming up to him. And of course, the next time I’m playing with a baby I really won’t be able to stop myself from wiggling my fingers at then and cooing “Phalanges! Phalanges!” (Anyone else thought of Friends‘ Phoebe stopping Rachel’s plane by saying something was wrong with the phalanges?)

Booth’s natural fatherhood instincts and experience with his own sonshone through as he not only cuddled and played with Andy, but alsoexpertly changed his diapers. And although Booth enjoyed havingthe baby with them while they waited for him to pass the key heswallowed (under Brennan’s watch, of course), the FBI agent was ready tohand him over to social services once they’d gotten the key. But herelented after Brennan’s impassioned plea to hold off until they’dfound a better place for him to go.

On the Cam Watch: We got a little flash of the good doctor’s vanitywhen she announced that screaming, leaking babies weren’t worthdestroying that hot bod of hers. Indeed.

Angela wasn’t even remotely worried about having kids. Her desirefor “a million” might have freaked out Hodgins, but he didn’t lethis worshipful love for her keep him from manipulating her by talkingabout how he’d still love her after she got puffy and wide from havingnumerous children.

All in all, the episode delivered more of the kind of Brennan personalityprogression that we love to see, but I doubt that it’s got her clockticking. That said, the imagery of her, Booth and their “little guy”together toward the end of the episode (especially with David Boreanazlooking particularly like his old Angel character, wearing the blackt-shirt and trench-looking jacket) definitely made me all warm andfuzzy. And don’t get me started on Booth sucking on the pacifier atthe end. Lord.

It will be nice to have Ryan O’Neal back in the mix as his trialstarts next week. How much will the team be divided as they provideforensic evidence for the trial against Brennan’s father? And why wouldAngela seemingly refuse to testify if she didn’t have somethingincriminating to say?