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Thanks to The New York Post, we saw this piece in Broadcasting & Cable that suggests producers are thinking of tweaking specific components of American Idol next season. According to B&C, a recent online market research survey asks several key questions, including “Suppose the first few weeks of American Idol started in Hollywood with flashbacks of the auditions; would that increase or decrease your enjoyment of American Idol?” (My answer: Increase! Am I in the minority?)

Among the other questions, which B&C paraphrases, are: Is there too much or too littlebanter between the judges? And is there too much or not enough Ryan? (Considering I fast-forward through any “banter” and any “Ryan,” I’m guessingmy answer is too much. Though, full disclosure, I also fast-forward through anything that’s not one of the contestants singing on stage.)

So, let’s help Fox out. Answer those questions below. And feel free to mention any other areas you’d like producers to target. It’s a broken record, at this point, to say that the results show needs to be overhauled… but go for it.

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