What is it about the Swedes? Their furniture is well-designed and affordable, their citizens are freakishly good-looking, and the pop music they consider mainstream — Robyn, Jens Lekman, Annie, and now Lykke Li — is approximately 9,579 times more innovative and entertaining than the average American radio jam.

Li, a hair-bunned, 22-year-old fashion-forward pixie (and former professional dancer), reminds us of a glitchier, darker Feist, a more organic Goldfrapp, or perhaps a less unicorns-and-headbands version of Bat for Lashes; the video below, in all its wacky, Kubrick-biting glory, is on heavy rotation at the EW offices this week. Watch it and tell us, PWers, if she is as gloriously weird-excellent as we think, or if we’re just full of Swedish meatballs.