Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Though CBS hasn’t officially ordered a second season of Moonlight, the sexy vampire drama starring Alex O’Laughlin, co-star Jason Dohring (Josef Konstantin) told that Joel Silver, the show’s executive producer, hinted that a second-season pickup seems likely. “We just aired our first episode after the strike break and the ratings were really good, so things are looking up,” Dohring told at the April 26 premiere of Speed Racer, which Silver produced. “Joel just pulled me aside on the carpet and said things were looking up and not to book any jobs for after the hiatus. That’s gotta be good, when the producer tells you things are looking up on whether or not you’ll still have a job next season.”

In terms of upcoming episodes, Dohring says there’ll be a lot more vampire action. “There is going to be a problem, and to solve it all the vampire circles and families are going to have to come together,” he said. “We have a big meeting to address the problem. There are vampires from all different social stratas.”

And if Moonlight does, in fact, return for a second season, Dohring hopes the writers will make use of his character’s extremely advanced age. “Because he is a 400-year-old, they could draw from any of those time periods for stories,” Dohring suggested. “I would like to see some flashbacks to establish more about this guy. Mostly, I just want to wear some cool period costumes but I think it’d be cool to see some huge historical events from the last 400 years that may have been instigated or impacted by vampires, this vampire in particular.” — With reporting by Carrie Bell