The ''Battlestar Galactica'' bombshell will appear in a multi-episode arc during the spy series' second season, which starts in July

(FROM TV GUIDE) — Battlestar Galactica‘s sexy Cylon Tricia Helfer will appear in a multi-episode storyline on USA Network’s Burn Notice when the spy series returns for its second season on July 10. According to TV Guide, ”Helfer will play Carla…[the] sleek, sexy, and lethal ‘handler,’ who often comes across as unaffected and slightly amused by” Michael (played by series star Jeffrey Donovan). ”To protect the people he loves,” series creator Matt Nix is quoted as saying, ”Michael is forced to work for Carla — his only link to the people behind his burn notice.”

The news arrives as Battlestar is finishing its final season on the Sci Fi Channel. Helfer is expected to divide her time between shooting Battlestar in Vancouver and Burn Notice in Miami. (TV Guide)

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