Hilary Duff
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According to E! Online, Hilary Duff has been offered the role of Annie Mills on the Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff. Maybe I’m crazy, but Hilary Duff + 90210 seems kind of brilliant. The girl is definitely shrugging off her squeaky-clean Disney image (um, scorpion down her pants?), and 90210 will certainly offer plenty of opportunities for her to be less than wholesome. If she accepts the offer, she’ll be playing a emo-listening teen who is also into theater. While the whole idea of a 90210 spinoff makes me want to die a little, if Hilary Duff is in it, I would check out at least one episode, just to see how she does.

What about you, PopWatchers? Excited about this latest 90210 casting rumor, or are you over the idea of the show’s remake already?

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