Credit: © 2008 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Photograph courtesy of VEE Corporation.

Okay, I’ll admit I personally missed the My Little Pony craze by at least a decade. But having two girls, ages two and five, these pink and purple and green ponies have made their way into my house (kind of the equine equivalent of the Care Bears), replete with long manes with which to practice brushing.

Then I found myself at New York’s Madison Square Garden, waiting for a live show of My Little Pony, billed as the “largest tea party ever.” Didn’t know ponies drank tea. Was doubtful that a group of seven or eight singing and dancing sherbet-colored ponies would keep an audience of toddlers in their seats for 75 minutes.

At a pre-show reception, we eat pink and purple cupcakes and see that The View’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who’s there with her toddler, knows a thing or two about photo ops, since she’s wearing a hot pink shirt and posing with a fuchsia pony. At the start of the show, I chuckle at the one line clearly written as nod to the older folks in the crowd: “I love the smell of freshly baked muffins in the morning.” After that, I am straining to find threads of a plot to piece together. Or I should say “squinking” to find a plot — that’s a MLP word for when you’re thinking really hard and trying to squeeze a thought out. It becomes apparent the theme is about how each pony has a job to do to make the tea party turn out right. Everything goes as planned but then Pinkie Pie (yes, each one has a different name) forgets to make the tea. I don’t think this drama has much of an affect on the audience, who are too busy sticking their pinkie fingers out holding paper tea cups to care. All in a day’s work at Unicornopia.

The show runs through this Sunday, April 27th. Do you think you might take your young ones to see it? Were you a My Little Pony fan as a kid?