How much do the owners of the Empire State Building charge for the right to tint it pretty colors? I ask only because I’m curious about how much Island Def Jam’s marketing team is shelling out today, when the former tallest building in the world will be radiant in pink, lavender, and white to celebrate the solemn occasion of “the week after a Mariah Carey album comes out.”

There are so many things I love about the press release that just showed up (twice!) in my inbox. For starters, Mariah is kicking off this wonderful event with a lighting ceremony planned for early this afternoon. That’s right, she’s lighting up the Empire State Building… in broad daylight. But not to worry. At this important ceremony, Mariah won’t be illuminating the actual Empire State Building, but rather “flip{ping} the light switch on a scale model of the Empire State Building.” A scale model! How Spinal Tap. Lastly, I’d just like to note that the building’s color scheme is being altered to Mariah’s tastes for the entirety of this weekend. I think that’s longer than they give some major holidays!

Okay, okay, I’ll go back to listening to the unstoppable earworm that is “Touch My Body” now. (All extravagant publicity grabs aside, I concede that E=MC2 is a pretty great album.) But I won’t be able to stop myself from looking up in reverent awe / amused disbelief if I happen to be anywhere near 34th St. this weekend. Will you?