(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? A producer has picked up rights to Jim Croce’s classic pop song ”Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” with plans to turn it into a live-action comedy franchise. Warren Zide, whose credits include the American Pie and Final Destination movies, is working with Croce’s widow, Ingrid, on the project, which he has already sent to writers. The song, about a man named Leroy Brown, ”the baddest man in the whole damn town … badder than old King Kong … and meaner than a junkyard dog,” sees Brown make a pass at girl in a bar, then get beat up by her jealous husband. Ingrid says she hopes a movie will honor the memory of her husband, who died in a plane crash in 1973. ”We just want him and his memory and his music to live on,” she told Hollywood Reporter. ”Most importantly, it sounds like a lot of fun. And Jim liked to have fun.” (Hollywood Reporter)