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PopWatch’s favorite sketch comedy troupe, The Kids in the Hall, are back on the road with their first major tour in six years, Live as We’ll Ever Be. I felt a moral imperative to make sure you all knew about it. Check out dates here, and go see (pictured, from l. to r.) Scott Thompson, Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, and Mark McKinney on stage. The show is all-new material, some of which involves the return of classic characters — most notably, the Headcrusher, the Chicken Lady, Buddy Cole, Cathy and Kathie, those besuited, pose-prone infomercial guys that Bruce and Mark play, and Gavin. (There’s no Simon and Hecubus because apparently, Dave’s too afraid to get in those tights now. I’d have been happy to see an aged manservant in an evil track suit, for the record.)

Annie Barrett and I caught the show Friday night in New York City, and it’s with great pleasure that I announce that Kevin is breaking character more than ever — perhaps because Bruce and Mark are now trying to get him to giggle. After two decades together, they all know which buttons to push. (Hence Bruce’s “F—in’ Foley!” outburst during one sketch). That kind of chemistry is a beautiful, comforting thing. It’s like sitting down with the first season DVD of a TV show that you never watched until the third season, but then got hooked. You already know you’ll like what you see, so you just sit back and enjoy.

After the jump, enjoy two seriously NSFW video sketches from Live as We’ll Ever Be. And keep an eye out for’s upcoming behind-the-scenes photo gallery of the tour — captioned by the Kids themselves. We just got the pics emailed to us yesterday, and there’s one of Scott in his underwear. Naturally.

“Rape Kevin,” the taped sketch that opens the live stage show

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“Car F—ers” (Could Kevin have finally taken away Dave’s title as the most beautiful woman?)

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