(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? James Caan has quit director David O. Russell’s political comedy Nailed after a dispute that ended with the actor storming off the set. The flare-up reportedly started last week while Caan shot scenes of his character, a U.S. Speaker of the House, choking to death on a cookie. Russell told Caan to cough and choke, but Caan argued that a person can’t both cough and choke to death at the same time. He reportedly left after Russell insisted they shoot the scene both ways, expressing concern that the choking version would be used in the final edit. Caan’s publicist wouldn’t confirm the story but did say that the actor left due to creative differences and that the split was amicable. The part will be recast.

The I Heart Huckabees director is known for on-set freakouts, well documented in video clips that circulated the Internet last year showing him blowing up at Huckabees star Lily Tomlin. He also had differences with George Clooney, who starred in the Russell-directed Three Kings. (Hollywood Reporter)