When I read that CSI creator Anthony Zuiker was writing his life story, I thought… why? Would the working title, Mr. CSI, and, I’m guessing, a nice blurb from star William Petersen (pictured), be enough to sell the book, due out in Fall 2009? Then I read this: “‘Most shocking is Zuiker’s recollection of his father’s suicide inLas Vegas, which happened the night he was on stage at the People’sChoice Awards collecting his fourth statue for CSI,‘” thepublisher said. ‘In a scene that could have been pulled from theshow, Zuiker flew right to the scene and attempted to piecetogether his father’s last hours.'” That’s horrifying, obviously, but also interesting: He’s used to solving cases in an hour. What was it like to wait, to depend on others to write an ending? I’m not saying I’ll buy the book, but I might stand in the aisle and read that chapter. You?