Seth Green
Credit: Samantha Xu

My experience with fan conventions is admittedly limited: I’ve got one Buffy con to my name (it was the summer after the show’s 2003 series finale, and it was held at a Catskills resort named the Friar Tuck — I’m only human!), and last weekend’s New York Comic Con. Since I was actually taking notes at NYCC, here are a few of my favorite overheard comments.

1. I knew I was headed in the right direction, toward the Javits Center where Comic Con was held, when a young woman in front of me teased her walking-and-primping-at-the-same-time friend, “Ooh, you’ve got to look good for your boyfriend, Seth Green (pictured).”

2. In the ladies room, I walked into a debate between two young women over who was going to sweat more in their costumes. One of them shouted a snotty, “Are, too!” The other’s comeback? “D2!”

3. Waiting in line for the Disney/Pixar panel, a guy behind me called out the costumes as he spotted them: “We’ve got a sexy Robin and a sexy Batgirl. I don’t know why I said sexy. I guess because they’re in short skirts.” (Check out our gallery of costumes captured on the Comic Con floor.)

4. At the Moonlight panel, when a woman saw that her friend was getting up to ask a question of stars Alex O’Loughlin and Jason Dohring, she called out, “Don’t embarrass me!”

I’m sure you can top those. Let’s hear read ’em.

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