April 19, 2008 at 09:09 PM EDT

X-Files creator Chris Carter and regular franchise writer Frank Spotnitz brought two things to their panel at New York Comic Con yesterday evening: (1) A teaser-trailer for the out-in-July film The X-Files: I Want to Believe that was too short and sharply edited to reveal anything substantial plot-wise (though it did feature the sight of David Duchovny’s Mulder asking Gillian Anderson’s Scully for help with something or other); and (2) a determination not to reveal anything else at all about the movie.

As Carter, who directed I Want to Believe, made clear from the start: ”I think everyone wants to be surprised on July 25.” Fair enough. But that didn’t stop various members of the gathered throng trying to get info from the pair — mostly in vain.

Question: Are we going to see the Lone Gunmen?
Carter’s answer: ”Deny everything.”

Will we be surprised by the evolution of Mulder and Scully’s relationship?
Carter: ”I don’t know.”

On the subject of the sci-fi sequel’s much-rumored ”steamy love scene” between its two principals, Carter joked that the sequence had been neither axed before filming nor cut in the editing room but was actually in the movie. He later made it doubly clear this was a gag by saying that actor Mitch Pileggi, who plays Mulder and Scully’s FBI boss, was in the sequence too. But the pair did let slip a handful of apparently genuine titbits about the movie. Scully’s family, it seems, does not feature in the film, and neither does Lance Henricksen’s X-Files-universe character Frank Black. The pair also confirmed that Amanda Peet and Xzibit play FBI agents in the movie, and Spotnitz said that DC Comics would be announcing a new line of X-Files comics the next day (prompting Carter to point out that Spotnitz had basically just announced that himself: ”Don’t tell anyone!”). Finally, the genial, silver-haired Carter laughed that he had not read any fan fiction to get inspiration for the movie’s presumably non-existent sex scene, but that he appreciated the genre: ”People are living more hot and racy lives than me.” —Clark Collis

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