What you may not know about ''The Incredible Hulk,'' Iron Man,'' and more

Indy by the numbers
622.1 Combined gross (in millions) of three prior Indy movies
36 Number of copies of Indy’s signature hat made for the shoot
2 Age of Shia LaBeouf when Lost Crusade originally hit movie theaters.

Iron Man by the numbers
7 Number of Oscar nominations earned by the cast
6.0 Estimated wealth (in billions) of Tony Shark, according to Forbes‘ list of richest fictional characters.
3 Years since Robert Downey Jr.’s last starring role (in 2005’s Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)

Hulk by the numbers
70 Percentage drop-off in box office grosses between the first Hulk movie’s first and second weekends.
46 Number of years since The Hulk’s debut in Marvel comics.
1 Number of cameos in The Incredible Hulk by Robert Downey Jr. as his Iron Man character, Tony Stark.

X-Files by the numbers
42 Number of e-mails Fox received from fans concerned about how Gillian Anderson would wear her hair.
2,258 Number of days between the final episode and the new movie’s opening.
62 Number of Emmy awards the show was nominated for over its nine-season run.

Pineapple by the numbers
0 Chances in hell that, prior to seeing Pineapple, we’d have believed Rogen could seem more sophisticated than Franco.
13 Number of projects Judd Apatow has been involved with in the past three years.
9 Number of years since Rogen and Franco teamed up with Apatow on Freaks and Geeks

Pineapple Express
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