Ten Things We Love This Week

The Must List: April 25, 2008

1. Return of Gossip Girl
Hey, readers. Must List here, and we have the biggest news ever! We’re pumped for GG’s return, which boasts a new foil for Serena (Blake Lively) and a character coming out. XOXO.

2. August: Osage County
We already knew Broadway’s acclaimed dark comedy about a dysfunctional Midwestern family was a winner. Glad to see the Pulitzer board agreed.

3. The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics
Get your undead the old-fashioned way with this compilation of classic horror spanning over 60 years. So awesome, it’s scary.

4. Dat Baby Video
We’re going gaga over Shawty Putt’s latest — a hilariously low-rent video featuring Lil Jon that opens with a Maury Povich baby-daddy revelation…and then proceeds to go downhill from there.

5. The Mist in black and white
Quick, what’s black and white and red all over? The gory adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novella, offered up vintage-style on disc 2 of the DVD set.

6. Dean Winters on 30 Rock
Exonerated Dateline predator or no, Liz’s shameless ex gets a big thumbs-up from us.

7. ”Many Rivers to Cross” Annie Lennox
There’s something so right about the Scottish songstress’ dreamy single — and her heartfelt performance of it on Idol Gives Back.

8. Young@Heart
A group of rockin’ senior citizens trade in Bing Crosby for the Clash in director Stephen Walker’s uplifting documentary about music for all ages.

9. E=MC2, Mariah Carey
Even Einstein couldn’t have devised this equation: Carey’s patented power vocals + hot producers + catchy tracks = one must-have album.

10. The Hills
The MTV phenom is so addictive, even readers who should know better can’t help but get wrapped up in all the drama.
Submitted by Lauren Whalen