Behind the scenes of ''Lost,'' our list of best rebellious teens, a Q&A with Alicia Keys, and more

By EW Staff
Updated April 18, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Land of the Lost
When Josh Holloway and his fellow castaways returned to work in March, Doc Jensen was there. Our resident Lost specialist takes you Behind-the-Scenes via video interviews.

2. The Naked Truth
Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘s writer-star, Jason Segel, sits down for Just a Minute to talk about his breakup pic — and being very comfortable in his own skin.

3. Rebel, Rebel
Mischief makers, hellions, and the knocked-up high schooler in Juno (now on DVD) make the grade as the best rebellious teens.

4. Everybody Is Kung-Fu Fighting
Martial-arts master Jackie Chan, star of the new Forbidden Kingdom, has kicked butts and taken names in 100-plus films. Our role call recaps some of his most memorable movies (and moves).

5. Alicia, As She Is
In our exclusive online Q&A, multiple Grammy winner and actress Alicia Keys gets personal about her As I Am tour and her upcoming role opposite Queen Latifah in The Secret Life of Bees.