Behind the scenes of ''Lost,'' our list of best rebellious teens, a Q&A with Alicia Keys, and more

1. Land of the Lost
When Josh Holloway and his fellow castaways returned to work in March, Doc Jensen was there. Our resident Lost specialist takes you Behind-the-Scenes via video interviews.

2. The Naked Truth
Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘s writer-star, Jason Segel, sits down for Just a Minute to talk about his breakup pic — and being very comfortable in his own skin.

3. Rebel, Rebel
Mischief makers, hellions, and the knocked-up high schooler in Juno (now on DVD) make the grade as the best rebellious teens.

4. Everybody Is Kung-Fu Fighting
Martial-arts master Jackie Chan, star of the new Forbidden Kingdom, has kicked butts and taken names in 100-plus films. Our role call recaps some of his most memorable movies (and moves).

5. Alicia, As She Is
In our exclusive online Q&A, multiple Grammy winner and actress Alicia Keys gets personal about her As I Am tour and her upcoming role opposite Queen Latifah in The Secret Life of Bees.