Ever since Annie Barrett posted an open letter to her ultimatum-giving DVR/life partner a year ago, I’ve been living in fear that my DVR would one day develop a mind of its own. On April 7, it happened. It was set to record the return of Samantha Who?, which I was particularly psyched for because it appeared to be a Barry Watson-heavy episode. My recorded shows list said the episode was waiting for me, but when I tried to play it, all I got was a dark screen. Hell no. After a few more failed attempts (it turns out that screaming calmly pleading “plaaay,” as you select play from the beginning doesn’t help), I gave up and just wanted the listing gone. My DVR/life partner wouldn’t let me delete it. It was as though it wanted it to sit there in the queue — like some severed head skewered on a stake in the middle of a medieval town square as a warning — to remind me that it could, in fact, crush me whenever it wanted to. And I realize I got lucky this time: It wasn’t a show that I write a TV Watch for. It wasn’t a series premiere or a season finale. It wasn’t an episode that couldn’t be viewed on the network’s website. But the next time, it could be. (Shudder.)

So, because we’re all about the group therapy on PopWatch, I think it’s time we all share our most painful DVR mishaps. I’ve got a friend in L.A. whose DVR just decided not to tape America’s Next Top Model for the third week in a row. She’s not amused. My coworker Gretchen Hansen says her DVR fought back recently, also around the time of a scheduled Top Model recording — could the machines be working together? — by “blinking like it was picking up signals from outside our solar system. Then it started playing the toe pick scene from the movie The Cutting Edge, and THEN it died.” (“Wait, you have The Cutting Edge on your DVR, Gretchen?” “It’s on my DVR twice. Why? Don’t ask me. Ask my DVR.”)

Your turn. Make us weep!

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