The blogosphere collectively freaked out when a 30-second clip of Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” hit the Web earlier this week. Could we trust the tantalizing snippet? I mean, sure, it sounded pretty sweet, but that only made the cognitive dissonance worse for the many longtime fans who felt burned by Weezer’s last few efforts. I’m the rare critic who really digs both The Green Album and (most of) Maladroit, and even I was sorta hesitant to get too excited about this. But here’s some good news: The full song is streaming on their official site as of this morning, and it is actually even better than that little preview implied. Cue the wildly uncurbed enthusiasm!

That chunka-chunka guitar hook is pure =w= gold, so much so that I didn’t focus on Rivers Cuomo’s very clever lyrics at first. Our historically self-loathing narrator is singing about trying Rogaine, hitting the gym, collaborating with Timbaland — sure sounds like “Rivers is so focused on giving himself a makeover,” as Stereogum suggested. But I think there’s a sarcastic edge in there that’s not necessarily directed at himself, but at his fickle fanbase. When Rivers quips, “you’d hate for the kids to think that you’ve lost your cool,” he’s looking straight at us! Color me ashamed for ever doubting him.

So how about it? Am I the only one who thinks notions of Rivers’ cool-losing may just be dispelled for good if the rest of Weezer’s new album (due in June) is this good?