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Okay, so while I’ve written some Confessional-style items recently, none of them have felt like they would mortify a normal person (e.g. someone actually capable of feeling shame over anything entertainment-related), which explains why I’ve been holding at Vol. 50 for a while now. However, when it took two rounds of a cocktail called the Sugar Dong* for me to confess the following to a few coworkers Monday night, I realized that I had my next installment.

Have you ever found yourself hoping to see an “S” in the TV rating that flashes at the start of an episode? (Be honest.)

I’m still DVR-ing those morning Angel repeats on TNT, which, up until the birth of Connor, are essentially first-run to me. Because I know that Connor is the product of Darla and Angel (Julie Benz and David Boreanaz, pictured) gettin’ it on, I’ve been dying for eagerly awaiting the airing of that particular scene. I refused to look up when it would happen in any episode guide because I wanted to experience the storyline organically, enjoy the slow build… But cut to Wolfram & Hart resurrecting Darla right when my schedule became too busy for me to watch the Angel repeats on the same day that they aired (and cue my need for liquid courage): For roughly two weeks, I clicked on the freshly-recorded episodes every morning and fast-forwarded until I saw the TV rating. If there was an “S” among Angel‘s standard TV-14-DLV, I’d keep fast-forwarding until I saw whether it was the one where Angel and Darla make a baby. (After those episodes in which she teased Angel in his dreams, I grew seriously frustrated — to the point that when my friend Eva and I would IM each other to log our daily complaints with life, I was throwing in “Still no sex on Angel.”) Finally, on April 11, it happened. And it was worth the wait.

Your turn. When did you hope for an “S”? (Just keep it as clean as I did.)

* The official drink of PopWatch?

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