Last week, PopWatch gave a shoutout to the McCain Girls, whose music videos in support of John McCain’s presidential campaign were so laughably inept yet train-wreck compelling that we couldn’t figure out if they were real, grass-roots viral vids or an elaborate, deliberately amateurish parody of same. Well, now we know, thanks to the Comic’s Comic blog, which figured out that the video was actually the brainchild of the comedy pros at 23/6, about four days before the New York Times got the 23/6ers to acknowledge it. (Disclosure: Comic’s Comic is run by Sean L. McCarthy, who covered the Aspen Comedy Festival for PopWatch last year as a freelancer.) CC has an extensive interview with one of the creators; meanwhile, over at 23/6, they’ve owned up to their prank and have posted the elusive “Here Comes McCain Again” clip, which we promised you last week. Watch it below, if you dare.

We shouldn’t feel bad; even McCain himself was fooled. Still, does it mean we’ve entered a new era when the line between reality and parody has been irretrievably blurred? And if so, is that good or bad? Philosophize below, PopWatchers.