Jacob Zachar, Greek
Credit: Jamie Trueblood

She’s baaaaaaack! I speak, of course, about my one of my favorite characters on Greek who, until this episode, was MIA this season: Frannie! And whaddaya you know! New Frannie came with a new attitude, too. (Which, unfortunately, was rather demure and boring. I want Frannie the big bitch back!) I guess a few months volunteering in a psychiatric ward changes a person.

In case you forgot, up until now the ex-ZBZ president had been living in exile after last season’s monumental break with the sorority. But — for reasons that went suspiciously unexplained during this episode — she was chomping at the bit to get back into the estrogen-filled house. Crazy Lizzie assured interim president Casey — who, considering their history, had the hardest time dealing with re-admitting her — that giving Frannie another chance was the final way they could heal the house. So Casey complied.

Honestly though, I can’t believe the girls even considered re-admitting her, but I guess the trade-off of one taking one crazy gal (Frannie) for another even crazier other gal (Lizzie) was pretty appealing. I can’t help but wonder what Frannie’s real plan is: Take back control of the sorority? Get revenge on Casey? Become Omega Chi Sweetheart again? And how about that “Diamond Ceremony” the ZBZs held to affirm the re-admittance? That was one of the scariest things I’ve seen on television since Heaven’s Gate. The whole time all I could think was, “Take us to the Kool-Aid.” With the chanting, candle-lighting, and general cult-ish atmosphere, I couldn’t help but recall those doomed, Nike-wearing weirdos.

But, alas, one good thing came out of the whole sequence: The big auf Wiedersehen to Lizzie! Her ridiculously cheery and rule-abiding character was a funny schtick, but she overstayed her welcome by at least one episode. (Seriously, that girl’s face has to hurt after all that mugging.) I was more than happy to see her Mary Poppins-esque presence (did you all notice the umbrella she was carrying as she left?) disappear into that yellow cab.

addCredit(“Jacob Zachar: Jamie Trueblood”)

Keeping with the Frannie-bred theme of forgiveness — or supposedforgiveness, maybe — the rest of the episode chronicled the silly warbetween the Omega Chis and the Kappa Taus. The comic hilarity — and nodto academia, with Rusty’s genius Animal Farm prank — of this chain of events was what makes Greekthe non-apologetic fun that it is. An indulgent squirt-gun war, adefaced frat house photo, Rusty duct-taped to the side of a building —that kind of thing. I have a feeling that truce called at the end ofthe episode will last about as long as it takes Cappie to tap his nextkeg. Next: frat house arson!

More so than anything, though, our characters evolved in thisepisode: Casey became a stronger leader after taking Frannie down anotch. Ashleigh grew a backbone and finally stood up for herself foronce. Rusty became more dedicated to his brothers — and darker andangrier, at the same time. And Calvin, sadly enough, seemed to becomesomewhat of a jerk. After the last couple of party-filled episodes, itwas refreshing to see the personalities of Greek Row evolve, whether itbe for good or bad.

But, hey, PopWatchers, what did you think? Have we seen the last ofLizzie? Will Frannie weasel her way back into living in the house? Andmost importantly, where were Dale and Rebecca this week? Could they betaking an early spring break?