Regular PopWatch readers might already know I’m a huge fan of “Legend of a Cowgirl” singer Imani Coppola, and that I spend a little too much time playing with dolls. So needless to say, I’m more than a little obsessed with “Black Barbie,” the cheeky new video from Coppola’s group Little Jackie, whose debut album The Stoop hits stores June 10.

“Black Barbie” is a hilarious indictment of America’s current celebu-skank fixation, with Coppola cooing, “I don’t need a lawyer/ I’ve got Diane Sawyer/ She’ll interview me/ And prove that I’m not guilty/ I’m a reformed slut, I’m a much better woman/ Did a 12-step program, and now I can drink again.” And the images of a child’s toy gone wrong — filming a night-vision sex-tape, getting caught shoplifting on a store security cam, autographing her mug shot — complement the song perfectly. (Hmmm. I wonder if Black Barbie might want to be a guest judge on America’s Next Top Doll?)

What do you think? Does “Black Barbie” deserve to become the next great Internet sensation? Or is the clip’s sub-3,000 YouTube views indicative of its merits?