Ralph Fiennes, Schindler's List

So last night, I’m talking with my friend Tamara about what film we should see this weekend, and she begins the negotiations with, “Would you see a Holocaust movie?” She meant, “Can we see The Counterfeiters?”, but she didn’t lead with the title because to her, it doesn’t actually matter. She will watch any movie having to do the Holocaust: “If Paris Hilton was in a Holocaust movie, I’d see it.” That is an actual quote.

After a brief discussion about how wrong it is that she found Ralph Fiennes attractive in Schindler’s List (pictured) — I couldn’t technically judgeher, having found Sean Penn inexplicably hot in Dead Man Walkingwe realized that this is the flip-side to the 50 Actors We’d Watch in Anything. There are films we’ll each see, regardless of who stars in them, because we’re fascinated by a particular subject or are a sucker for a certain genre. So, what’s your weakness? I can be talked into sitting through any romantic comedy — if the plot involves a city girl slowing her life down, returning to her hometown, or inheriting the children of a relative.

Also, should you want to confess that time that you found an actor or actress attractive in a role that you shouldn’t have, feel free. You’re among friends.