Jermaine Dupri
Credit: jermaine Dupree: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

As president of Island Urban Records, Jermaine Dupri has spent a lot of time thinking about the future of music. And his latest brainchild is… TAG Records, a joint venture with, yes, TAG Body Spray, the favored scent of skeezy dudes everywhere. When I first saw this press release in my inbox, I thought it had to be a way-late April Fool’s joke. I still wish it were. “Today, we make history in the music industry with TAG Records,” Dupri pompously offers. What kind of history — terrible-idea history?! I’m sorry, but sure-to-fail vanity labels and cheap-o deodorant brands (what, he couldn’t have gone upmarket and partnered with Axe?) are two cultural phenomena which did not need to join forces. Besides, there’s already a defunct label called Tag Recordings!

Oh, this label. As Jay Sherman would say, it stinks! (Indeed, one blogger has already dubbed it “Stanky Records.”) It hurts me to give it even a little bit more publicity with this post. But now that I have, what do you say — would you ever willingly buy a CD with the TAG logo on it?

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