April 11, 2008 at 12:00 PM EDT

The biggest surprise of Idol Gives Back — which taped at L.A.’s Kodak Theatre on April 6 — wasn’t Brad Pitt’s cameo or Jimmy Kimmel’s nipple jokes. It was that the producers kept the night moving at an impressively brisk clip. In fact, the show — which has, oh, about 489 different moving parts — really slowed down only when its biggest stars walked on stage and technical difficulties got in the way. The audience welcomed Reese Witherspoon with a booming cheer, but just as she began to speak, Idol stage manager Debbie Williams raced on stage and asked the actress to do her entrance again. ”Pretend you didn’t see me,” chirped Witherspoon. (If anything, the audience was louder the second time.) When Pitt finally stepped into view, the crowd predictably went into a total meltdown, so much so that it took some time before anyone realized his mic wasn’t even working. As Williams fiddled with it, she delivered the night’s best line: ”I just needed a reason to touch him.”

The real shocker, though, came backstage, where Miley Cyrus confessed that she has never seen an episode of Idol. Ever. ”I kind of read about it in the magazines,” she said. ”Dancing With the Stars — that’s the only [show] I get involved in.” Oh, dear. Get ready for Dancing: The Stars Give Back.With additional reporting by Shirley Halperin

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