Credit: John Russo

Good news for fans of Kristen Bell’s deranged Elle Bishop on NBC’s Heroes: The actress told that her reps are working to get her back on the NBC mythology drama next season. “I have made it more than clear that I want to come back and they have made it more than clear that they want me back,” she told while walking the red carpet at the Forgetting Sarah Marshall premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday. “With the writers strike, it threw everyone for a loop and now they have to work around everyone’s schedules. I love that the next season is supposed to be subtitled “Villains.” I am thrilled by the idea that my good friend Zach Quinto (Sylar) and I could possibly have scenes together.”

And if the producers aren’t able to work out a deal to secure Bell, there is always the Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff in the works at The CW from Rob Thomas, the mastermind behind Bell’s old UPN drama Veronica Mars. “We have talked about it,” admits Bell. “We definitely want to team up in the future and I have no doubt that it will happen someday. At this point, I am about to start another movie and then I have Heroes and narration for Gossip Girl so I don’t know if I will have time this year. But I am super excited at the idea of a 90210 remake or update. We have powwowed about it and I let him borrow my DVDs of the original season.” (With reporting by Carrie Bell)

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