Someone has been leaking stories to the New York Times and other major papers about the likelihood that Katie Couric won’t be anchoring the CBS Evening News much longer; it could even be Couric herself, floating trial balloons to see what she might do next, either at CBS or elsewhere. In retrospect, perhaps CBS brass will finally acknowledge that the show wasn’t the best use of her Today-honed talents, or maybe they’ll decide that the nigthly network newscast (as an institution) is in such desperate straits that it will take more than just a marquee star like Couric to save it. But let’s not think of the sinking ship just now; instead, let’s ask where Couric should land.

Of the options she’s pondering in today’s Times story, the one I like best for her is taking over Larry King’s slot at CNN. It’s a show I think is particularly well suited to her talents (setting prominent interview subjects at ease, mingling with the heartland folks who’d call in). Unfortunately, she’ll have to crawl over King’s propped-up-like-El-Cid corpse to land the job. So maybe there are other options you think would serve her well; please share below.