Leona Lewis, actors we'd watch in anything, comic book authors, and more

1. Actors We Seriously Love
Whether they’re fighting for freedom or reading the phone book, John Adams‘ Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney make our list of the 50 performers we’d watch in anything.

2. The New Kid in Town
Simon Cowell protége Leona Lewis just might be a Mariah Carey-in-the-making. Meet the velvet-voiced singer in one of our Just a Minute video chats.

3. Virtual Watercooler
Eager to dish about the happenings on hot shows like The Office? Well, the wait’s finally over. Check out our recaps in TV Watch.

4. The Comic-Book Guys Tell All
Brad Meltzer, Warren Ellis, Gilbert Hernandez, and other superstar graphic novelists reminisce about the first comics they ever read, as well as the ones that sparked their love of the art form.

5. Legal Eagles
As Boston Legal rejoins the Tuesday-night lineup, we make a case for our favorite onscreen attorneys, including Tom Cruise’s Lieut. Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men. Can you handle the truth?