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Feedback from our readers

I Want My Free TV
I visited after reading ”A Site for Sore Eyes,” and I’m already enjoying it thoroughly. I just caught the pilot of Lou Grant, and now I’m considering a double feature of Buck Rogers and Kojak! Thanks for bringing to light a website that has a very bright future.
Karen Gonzalez
Marietta, Ga.

I’d been looking forward to Hulu’s launch for weeks. But many of the TV shows are missing key episodes. As for movies, with offerings like Lone Wolf McQuade and Hercules in New York, Blockbuster and Netflix have nothing to worry about.
Amy Nelson
Cleburne, Tex.

Power Chords
It was great to see the ”Indie Rock 25.” I was especially impressed with your inclusion of the Smiths’ 1985 album, Meat Is Murder, which is in my CD player as we speak.
Michele Castano
Brentwood, Calif.

Overall, your indie-rock booklet, well, rocked! The only real disappointment: Arcade Fire’s amazingly beautiful Neon Bible wasn’t your 2007 pick.Next time, you should have an honorable-mention list.
Alta Mayhugh
Sterling, Ill.

Why was your collection of albums such a boys’ club? I was shocked not to see Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville as your choice for 1993: It wasn’t on a major label, and many critics called it the year’s best record.
Juke Kallikak
Charlotte, N.C.

Flipping Over Mia
Your In Treatment article (Television) praises Mia Wasikowska, who plays a teen gymnast on the show. It’s about time you recognized her, as she’s created a character who is heartbreaking and utterly real. The young actress should be remembered when Emmy season rolls around again.
Harold B. Crawford
Matawan, N.J.

Lunar Legacy
I expected a grander eulogy for Arthur C. Clarke (News & Notes). Though primarily known for 2001 and other sci-fi works, he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and helped cover Apollo missions for CBS, among other achievements. Such an influential man deserved a more fitting tribute.
Elizabeth Shelley
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Change of Heart
I really wanted to resent you, Diablo Cody, for winning an Oscar so early on in your career. But then I read ”Camp Hollywood,” which mentioned Movie Monsters (Binge Thinking). I’ve cherished that book since childhood — I used it to make a Frankenstein-monster head, and it’s the reason I know so much about Lon Chaney. How can I possibly resent you now?
Michael J. Alessandro
San Francisco