The director talks about Woody Allen, ''The Wire,'' and his new film, ''The Visitors''

What would you do if you discovered a couple living in your apartment, like in The Visitor?
I would say, ”Have you been walking my dog? It has to go out four times a day.” And if so, then we’d probably be able to work something out. It’s tough being a single dog-father.

This is a very New York movie. What’s your favorite Woody Allen NYC film?
I gotta go with Annie Hall. I really get a kick out of the scene where they’re lined up at the movie theater…

Where Woody tells a guy in line he’s full of it?
I love that. We talk about it on this press tour. Sometimes you just hear yourself talking and you’re like, ”I’m so full of s—.”

You appeared as an actor on The Wire. Any connection between that and your new movie?
Patience and character development. It’s something I greatly admire about that show — they don’t force plot and they let things unravel. I have so much respect for those guys I feel uncomfortable comparing the two. I don’t want to seem like, ”Oh, we do the same thing.” I strive for that.