Catching up with ''Lost'' -- What you need to know before the new episodes air

Here’s what’s happening on the Island as we head into the final five episodes.

Freighter Feud
The castaways are divided over strange Island visitors. Jack hopes they bring rescue. Locke worries they bring death. Guess what?

Locke’s Right!
The freighter carries nasty mercenaries tasked by Island-coveting billionaire Charles Widmore to kill Ben…and maybe everyone else, too.

Michael’s Back
To thwart Widmore’s schemes, Ben has planted guilt-ridden Michael aboard the freighter. But where’s Walt?

Out of Time
Sci-fi intrigue suggests the Island is a highly volatile time-space phenomenon. Exposure to its weird energies could send you backward — or forward — in time.

Lost Love
Kate and Sawyer macked, and Jack and Juliet smooched. Soapy fun or soapy silly? Debate.

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