I may be the only person at EW who genuinely, strongly dislikes most of Judd Apatow’s oeuvre (except for Talladega Nights and Superbad, both of which I adore). I especially can’t stand those ubiquitous billboards for the latest movie he’s producing — “YOU SUCK SARAH MARSHALL,” “YOU DO LOOK FAT IN THOSE JEANS, SARAH MARSHALL,” pretty much any pithy, sorta-misogynist insult plus the name “Sarah Marshall”. But you know what? I kinda love this new exclusive music video from “Infant Sorrow,” the fake band fronted by Ms. Marshall’s poser-y new boyfriend in the film.

I haven’t laughed so hard at a vague, preachy pseudo-protest song since John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change”! Seriously, British comedian Russell Brand — prancing here as frontman “Aldous Snow” — had better get his own starring vehicle soon. also got a hold of some liner notes allegedly written by Snow, and, well, I’ll let the man speak for himself: “This song is a manifesto — we literally do have to do something, and in this case I mean something constructive for the planet. In a way this is the least sexual song I’ve ever written — although it’s still very sexual indeed, I’m hard now while writing this.”

Okay then! On that note, how does “We’ve Got To Do Something” make you all feel?