The lameness, that is. I’m talking, of course, about his abysmal cameo on last night’s Idol Gives Back special, where he played the “Russian Idol,” complete with a pathetic attempt at an Eastern European accent and some embarrassing “in my country” gags. The random user who added it to YouTube (below) titled it “VERY FUNNY Robin Williams On American Idol Gives Back 2008,” which makes me wonder if this person is actually Robin Williams. Let me put this in the simplest terms possible: Mediocre Borat impressions from people who are not Sacha Baron Cohen are not funny anymore! (For that matter, neither are Brokeback jokes like the one Williams snuck in there — though apparently the studio audience loved that line, which probably says something about the maturity level of the people who show up for an Idol taping.) After forcing myself to endure that laughless slog again for this post, I’m feeling like I need some serious charity myself. Don’t you?